Tasa Foods is the largest fruit supply company in India, supplying fruits to the entire fruit processing industry for the previous four decades.


At Tasa Foods, we follow a conventional ripening process to produce one of the world's best tasting fruit.


Our combined production capacity is 20 Metric Tons per hour.

A brief understanding of the process of ‘Purees’ and ‘Concentrates’

Fruit puree and concentrates are the versatile products of availability in the market. The adequate processing and packing enables the manufacture along the whole year, regardless of the seasons.

When the fruits are picked from the fields it is washed, separating out stems and leaves, and then graded. Machines extract seeds and pulp, then strain and puree the fruit. The puree then receives a "quick heat" treatment, or pasteurization to deactivate organic enzymes, preserving flavor, color, and texture offering a 24 month shelf life. The puree is then cooled & packed. Thus, puree is made from fruit that has been pulped and mashed.
The Concentrate process starts with the washing of fruits, leaf cleaning, boning, enzyme deactivation and aseptic processing. From this first processing phase the result is a paste that passes on to the evaporation process where water is reduced from the paste. A pasteurization process normally follows and then aseptic packaging. Fruit concentrates come from fruit juice that has had the water removed during processing. Concentrates are thicker in consistency than purees also typically higher in sugars. Depending on the flavor, a concentrate can be 200 – 250% stronger in flavor than its puree equivalency.
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